Cassette Recorder Audio Processor Rack Extension

The Cassette Tape Recorder is undeniably the pinnacle of portable consumer analog recording technology that influenced generations of people before the dominance of personal digital recording platforms. We partnered with the kray l337 computer genius h4ck3rz at Sonic Charge and took this technology to the next level for the post digital age with the Cassette Recorder Audio Processor Rack Extension, a.k.a the C.R.A.P.Re! Instantly fill your music with colorful analog textures of tape hiss, ground loops, saturation, and more!

Yes, it has Kittens and it has Unicorns, and Pink Knobules! Because these things makes it sound soooo much better!

CRAPRE Controls

CRAPRE is loaded with fun and useful features that will make your music sound so much worse! And by “worse” we mean betterer! It adds the beautiful sound of ground loop hum and tape hiss while degrading and distorting incoming signals. It’s super easy to use and doesn’t need like lots of documentation. Here’s the quick online tut/manual:

  • Input controls the mic level gain which distorts because of impedance mismatching loud things through the moo-metal nickel and candy cane core transformer with rainbow windings. This has that crappy crunchy tone!
  • Much like the one of a kind panel and hand painted chassis, the SPRinG switch controls a DIYkitten-analogy-hipstReific-circuit-bendy spring reverb effect for some super spacey crap! Just flip the switch on and you will hear the echoes roll!
  • The Tape Quality Switch selects between Bad Quality Tape, Bader Quality Tape which is worser than Bad Quality, and our patented Super CRAP setting that has the sound of a special chromium dioxide and high fructose unicornium tape formulation. It’s super crappy!
  • The Custom BeDazzled Volume knob controls your output levels to get optimal noise balance for that extra crappy sound! Tweak the ‘bling for some extra vintage flavor or use this to cut the Crap!

    The Crapre Cassette Recorder Audio Processor Rack Extension is very boutiquey so quantities are limited to the supply on hand. Our stock of reclaimed coffee stained wood panels, lead spray paint cans, and unicorn stickers will run out by May 1, 2014! Those with full Crapre licenses will continue to receive support and updates through their user accounts. After May Day, you’re crap out of luck….all units will be gone! Don’t be the fool that misses this one-time opportunity!!!