Buffre Beat Repeater

Buffre Beat Repeater is a creative effect device for Propellerhead Reason 6.5 that loops audio in sync with song tempo. Buffre is a performance effect, controllable in real-time from a MIDI keyboard or control surface, and supports Reason control voltage routings for creating modular-based stutter and glitch effects. The loop engine features several playback modes and can process audio segments from two measures down to a 4096th note.

Buffre features real-time reverse loop playback and sample rate control. Instantly add a backwards drum hit by switching to reverse mode, or adjust the pitch control to mimic the sound of a tape stop or spin up. Also, by capturing and manipulating extremely short audio loops, Buffre can synthesize granular audio textures.

Get Reason 12 and try Buffre

Rack Extensions require Reason 7 or later Once installed, you can try Buffre and other great Rack Extensions available from the Propellerhead Shop:

Buffre Beat Repeater

Buffre Beat Repeater is an audio looping device that repeats and scrubs audio in sync with song tempo. Buffre is a performance effect, playable from a MIDI keyboard or control surface to create stutter and glitch effects.

Operation Manual

Detailed Documentation which includes various example projects is available from the following link:

Buffre Operation Manual

Version 1.0.2 PDF Download. Requires Adobe Acrobat or other PDF Reader


Rack Extension Support is available via email for registered Reason 6.5 users. Contact information is available in the following Reason document. Open the document and click on the “Show Info” button.

PEFF Rack Extension Support.reason

Example Reason Files

Buffre Demo Video song file: Buffre-Demo.reason

Buffre Pattern Repeater: Buffre-PatternRepeater.reason.zip

Buffre Tape Stop FX: Buffre-tapestopFX.reason

Buffre Filter Sweep Repeater: Buffre-SweepRepeat.reason

Quantized Buffre Combinator: quantized_buffre-combi.reason

Quantize Auto Pan Alligator Combi: Buffre-QuantAutoPanGator.reason.zip

Quantize Auto Panner Combi: Buffre-QuantizedAutoPanner.reason.zip

Buffre Groove Repeat Patterns: Buffre-grooverepeatpatterns.reason

Keyed Decimator Bass: buffre-keyeddecimatorbass4.reason

Buffre Granulizer Combinator: buffre-granulizer.reason

BUFFRE ReCombinator Effects

Over Sixty Combinator FX patches that use Buffre to expand the live performance potential and sound manipulation capabilities.

Buffre ReCombinator Effects ReFill

v1.0 ReFill Download

Lemur iPad Control Template

Customized Buffre control system designed to operate with liine Lemur for iPad app. The archive contains several variations of the control interface and example files and remote map code snippets to seamlessly integrate the surface controller with Lemur.

Buffre Lemur Templates version 1.3.3

Download Lemur Templates

Play with Buffre

Buffre is designed to be brutalized with combinator and control voltage modulations. We would love to hear and or see what you come up with.

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